Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hi everybody

I am furiously getting ready for Easton in two weeks! With so many excellent painters I have found that my work needs to have a special spark. Not exactly a gimmick, but rather, a clever twist that separates it on the wall from the other paintings. In the past, I have experimented with odd sizes and compositions and this years work will also have some interesting twists. Stay tuned! I will try to post as I paint the week of July 14 at Easton.

I also wanted to show you this sketch done in a new kind of sketch book. It is made by a new company called Cottonwood Arts and it contains a series of hot press-like  illustration panels bound into a sketch book. When you are finished painting, the board can just be peeled right out and is ready for display. They also make a canvas panel book and several other interesting products. This stuff is high quality, seriously cool and reasonably priced! Go figure..!

Check them out at