Friday, June 24, 2011

Painting on the Farm

My family and I took a vacation to Lancaster PA. I couldn't get over how beautiful the land and buildings in this area are! We stayed at a true working farm in Mt Joy owned by Sharon and Barry Kreider. The farm is quite old as we noticed a keystone on the original part of the barn that had the date 1860. It was very interesting to see the inner workings of a dairy farm and get to know the Kreider family. We were able to feed the cows, get fresh eggs from the chickens and relax on the farms' 140 acres. As we were only there for two days, I had a very limited time to paint. This is one of the windows on their natural stone farmhouse. I have been trying to move up a bit in size in my work so this painting was done at 12 x 18". When I visit friends or stay in a special place, I always like to leave something for my hosts. A painting is the perfect remembrance of times well spent. I hope the Kreiders' enjoy the painting.


  1. Thanks for your comment... I have not been keeping up with the blog.. I would rather be painting! They did in fact, love the painting. I always leave something behind when I travel or visit friends and with the advent of digital photography, you can always photograph your work to keep a copy.

    Thanks for looking at the blog and I promise more work to come. I still need to post all of the paintings from plein air Easton.