Sunday, May 4, 2014


I must be the worlds worst blogger. Problem is that I would rather. Spend my my time painting and drawing than becoming a web master!

I have once again made the cut for Plein Air Easton 2014! This will be my 5th consecutive year. I love this competition because it really is a true test of your skill and preparation as a painter. You need to deal with the extreme heat( sometimes up to 100 degrees) and humidity, the bugs and ticks, lack of sleep and fierce competition from the best Plein air painters on the planet. I remember my first year feeling like I had been dropped into the Hunger Games for painting. While all of the artists are very congenial, make no mistake that they are there to compete and this is no "make yourself feel good" workshop environment. As you work your way though the week, you always feel the clock ticking in the background as you hope to create your best work in the most awkward conditions. Although it is not for everyone, I love the opportunity to plan and execute my steps through this artistic mine field.

Shortly, I will post a whole new crop of paintings for you to see including my work from last years stop back and take a look,




  1. Hi David...enjoyed reading your posts. Look forward to meeting you in Easton in July! Diane Laird

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