Sunday, May 22, 2016

New paintings

Hi all.

I lost the ability to update this blog for a while. I'm back now and ready to give an update about my latest work.

I'm entering into my seventh year in a row participating in Plein Air Easton. It's been a great run and every year that I apply, I fully expect not to make it in. The quality of artists in this competition is second to none.

Many of you know that I am a professional Architectural illustrator. As the field has moved toward digital art production, I have re-trained myself and learned new methods. However, as I my true love and educational background is in traditional painting, this change had me longing to pick up my brushes and not stare at a screen all day. To fill the creative gap, I began to explore plein air painting in 2009 and started competing at Easton in 2010. It's been a very interesting experience trying to put together a system for translating my style and technique to working out doors.

In 2013, my brother in law and I designed a new outdoor watercolor table-pochade box. After several years of trying to find the right equipment, the best choice for me was to create a custom setup specifically designed around my style. My brother in law is a truly gifted woodworker and artisan and the box he built for me has been in use continuously since it was made. It probably has been the single most important aid to my outdoor work. Shown below is the easel we call the Aquabox.

Also take a look at the pre framed paintings from last years 2016 Easton competition
 Thanks for being patient and I will put up more work for you to see.


  1. Wow, your work is really stunning! Thank you for sharing some of it. I really like your outdoor water color box as well. It is really inventive and seems like it would come in handy as well! I hope that you post more of your work in the future, I look forward to seeing it.

    Lucius Cambell @ Skild